Welcome my name is Kaleena Jamerson and many may also know me as the hood motivator or even the hood empress. Which ever you know me by I will forever be an Empress and mother to 14 children and a grandma to 3 leaving that with a beautiful 17 pieces to my heart.
I grew up in a small town in Barstow California although I was born in Apple Valley, California I often traveled to my fathers side in Texas so it’s a bit of both in me.

Being a mother to so many children is very time consuming and also rewarding. I spend most of my days helping run our family business and also write inspirational books, And of course taking care of a house load. I’ve been doing this with my King now for 21 years, Back in 2010 I established a non profit organization called B Fancy Ladies boutique where I sought out to inspire teen mothers. In 2012 I opened up Boss it up clothing & accessories and BLBN (Boss Ladies By Nature) a non profit organization of entrepreneur women in local communities to uplift and inspire teens both male and females. Throughout my endeavors I have always had an keen sense to inspire and help and motivate.

Who is Kaleena J

In 2014 I had an awakening that changed my life and my teams life as well. I asked and I received my calling and was wakened to seek truth knowledge and wisdom for the rest of my life. And to truly raise so many children up in the way that they should grow, with wisdom of life in a conscious and clearer way. We have 6 boys and 9 girls whom all are perfect unbiased literally all perfect especially in my eyes. To say the least in the years leading up to 2019 have shaped me placed me put me in a position of peace grace and love. Giving sight to how I see life in my old view vs that in my new. 2017 I begin becoming a certified life coach in 2018 I started coaching and holding crisis lines ( Kaleena J Kares) I now have a series of books along side other books as well as podcast and more. Within my life I find time to inspire simply by being me and I get filled with gratitude and appreciation. When you see me you honestly see the TRUTH the LIGHT and the rawness in all forms. I am the truth I will always tell it and say it like it is, knowing that truth hurts can be the only way to heal and with healing comes growth.